Handira Wedding Blanket

  • This beautiful rare vintage wedding blanket (handira) is hand made by berber women of the Beni Ourain tribe.


    Typically these wonderful blankets were given to the bride to adorn her shoulders as a cape for the journey to the grooms house on their wedding day.


    Each blanket can take several weeks to weave only then can each of the tiny sequins be hand stitched to complete these wonderful blankets.Made to bestow the couple with positive wishes (Baraka) for health and happiness and to ward off harmful energy.


    Woven using wool and cotton this heavy blanket has bushy woollen textured bands adorned with beautiful mirrored sequins. To the reverse their is also beautiful detailed panels and the unique vestige of tasseled rope that would tie across the bride's shoulders is also still in tact.


    These blankets look stunning over a bed, across a sofa, or even as a wall hanging.We also have some beautiful vintage handira cushions too.


    This handira is very old so their will be some irregularities/user marks, their is some rusting on the sequins. We feel this natural patina only adds to the character and charm of these wonderful blankets.


    Size: W132 cm

             L215 cm


    Colour: creamy/camel coloured.