Our Story


Hi i'm Ishwak and i started this business through my passion for Moroccan design.

Having spent most childhood summers their visiting family my obsession started from a very young age. Creativity for me is the Moroccan people, their passion and authenticity when creating a design is inspiring, artisans are still leading the way with their traditional  craft of making things.

Berber rugs are just one of the many things Morocco is famous for, more notably the familiar Beni Ourain tribal rug is often referred to as a work of art and have been gracing the cover of interior magazines for decades because they are such unique timeless classics.


Authentic Berber rugs are made by the indigenous Berber peoples of North Africa, hand woven on traditional looms using skills passed down from generations. Every piece unique to it's maker, expression through art is their passion.

Each rug proudly displays it's heritage distinguished by various knotting patterns, dyes, fabric texture as well as inherent tribal markings.  A labour of love as a single rug can take up to several weeks to make. No two are identical and the authentic imperfections of each rug is what makes them so uniquely perfect.

I wanted to share the love of my Moroccan heritage so in 2016 DAR BEIDA was born, a small online business based in the U.K.

I source authentic Vintage and new Berber rugs and textiles from various towns and villages across the Atlas mountains direct from the weavers, helping support the indigenous people of North Africa proudly maintain their craft.   


Happy Shopping! xx