We are  sisters Bushra and Ishwak, and we are passionate about home interiors and all things Moroccan. We spent most of our childhood summers on our grandparents farm in Morocco, so growing up with Moroccan culture and design has left us in awe of the beauty of its craftsmanship, even as adults.  The souks of Morocco is our sanctuary which is why we are forever bringing home with us a small "souvernier"...or two! We have always been eager to share our love of Moroccan interiors and we know how well they can marry in contemporary settings, so scouring our local antique markets has always been a past time of ours. 


One day, in between doing the school run and planning a family trip to Morocco, we got thinking "what if we could turn our passion into a business and bring back the things we love"? and so... Dar Beida was born!!

We decided on the name Dar Beida (the arabic word for Casablanca) as it is where our family originate from, it's also a play on words as it translates to "WHITE HOUSE" in Arabic. We are an online web shop specialising in Moroccan textiles and home accessories vintage and new, we personally source our products from all over Morocco travelling through small berber villages as well as various towns and souks. 

Our mission is to bring home with us authentic, bohemian, eclectic and tribal home-wares for our customers, so that everyone can enjoy a beautiful piece of Magical Morocco.  


Bushra & Ishwak xx


Our Story